Adhesive Removal from Circuit Boards

Adhesive removal during manufacturing often is a problem for process engineers. First, there is a wide variety of chemistries found in adhesives, binders and glues. Polyvinyl acetate in white glues to cyanoacrylates (Super glue). Rubber glues. Silicone adhesives. Complex polymers found in hot glues. Polyurethane glues. Epoxies. Next, there are subtle issues in each application. Inexpensively removing the glue which holds a paper label in place might be a very different problem from a cleaning chip bonder from double-sided BGA electronics. Some glues are water-soluble, but most are not. Therefore, matching the right solvent to the adhesive without damaging the substrates or paints can be a tricky balancing act. Other issues involve worker safety, flammability, aroma, handling and tack time, and waste disposal, not to mention the costs.

MicroCare offers a family of adhesive removal fluids and tools in different packages, so clients get the right answer for their application.

Adhesives are made with acrylics, rubber, silicones and many other chemistries. Finding the right solvent can be a challenge.