Mil-Aero High Reliability Cleaning

Mil-aero high reliability cleaning applications often are found at NASA, aerospace companies, and military applications. To achieve the highest levels of performance, mil-aero components often have extremely complex shapes (which are hard to clean) and demanding environmental/performance specs. Extreme temperatures, out-gassing and performance in zero gravity are concerns that commercial customers usually never consider. Other issues stem from highly variable manufacturing production runs (from a few parts to a few million) and product life-cycles that endure for decades. MicroCare products are used on armored vehicles, airborne platforms and fire-and-control systems. These cleaning fluids are found in the field, at repair depots, and in use by the original manufacturers. The high-purity, nonflammable synthetic cleaning fluids from MicroCare offer high reliability cleaning on crucial parts without unwanted residues or detrimental effects to the substrates.

Mil-aero cleaning applications are very challenging but MicroCare has the cleaning solvents and tools to deliver the results companies need