Mass Transit Systems Cleaning

Mass transit systems have very challenging cleaning environments. Subways, light rail systems, airport people-movers and city buses have a wide variety of cleaning problems: from simple grime and graffiti to cleaning complex electronics, removing protective coatings on electronic systems and refurbishing expensive traction motors. Unreliable cleaning can lead to equipment breakdowns, safety problems and customer complaints. The conflicting requirements to control costs but keep reliability high is a constant source of stress.

MicroCare can help in many ways. Specialized solvents can cut through the grime, making cleaning faster and more consistent. Presaturated wipes offer handy, safe and consistent cleaning; aerosol products and degreasers are widely used on traction motors; for cleaning PCBs and cutting conformal coatings there are several popular and safe options from MicroCare which have become long-term favorites of municipal transit systems.

MicroCare specializes in critical cleaning, such as the heavy-duty cleaning required on buses, subways and other transit systems