Metal Cleaning / Product Finishing

Metal cleaning is a complex subject, a whole field of specialty expertise in the product finishing industry. Almost any company that is plating or anodizing knows how complex this can be. This includes companies making circuit board components, costume jewelry, chrome metal furniture frames, automotive trim and household fixtures like doorknobs. The common need is to get metal components perfectly clean prior to painting, plating, welding or subsequent processing. The optimal metal cleaning process needs to dissolve or displace common soils, machining oils, stamping oils, cooling oils, metal fines, marking inks, greases, fingerprints and/or waxes without damaging substrates. The process needs to be simple, fast, consistent and have high capacity.

MicroCare offers a number of degreasing solvents for metal finishing. With ultra-low surface tension, these fluids are able to permeate into tight spaces and blind holes. They are able to flush out the soils and leave parts clean and dry. Utilizing these cleaning fluids on the benchtop or in a vapor degreaser is a fast and economical process.

Cleaning and testing PCBs soldered with no clean materials can lead to cleaning problems