Rosin Flux Removers for PCBs

Rosin flux removers are an important tool for electronics and PCB cleaning. Rosin fluxes come in grades of activation. The grades include plain rosin fluxes, rosin activated fluxes and rosin mildly activated fluxes. They also include synthetic or SA fluxes. These traditional RMA, RA and SA fluxes are seeing a resurgence in the marketplace. This is because no-clean fluxes have not proven to be the economic panacea they claimed. Traditional rosin-based formulas are higher in organics but lower in salts. This results in strong, bright solder joints. They are easier to clean than no clean flux and paste formulations. Plus, white residue is rarely a problem. These materials deliver PCBs with exceptional performance and proven longevity. MicroCare rosin flux removers are ideal for cleaning R, RA, RMA and SA fluxes.

Special feature: MicroCare Case Study #15. This video shows the cleaning problems caused by mixed flux and solder paste residue. Mixing flux and solder pastes can result in white residue.

PCB Tech holding a chip above a circuit board