Silicone Removal from PCBs

Silicone removal is a particular problem for this remarkable industrial material. Silicones are generally used in making gaskets, insulation, protective coatings and specialty tools. In electronics, it often is used as an adhesive and as a protective conformal coating. These coatings are very stable over decades, do not conduct heat, are electrical insulators, can bind to primed surfaces, are inert toxicologically, and resist acids, bases, solvents, chemicals, oils and water. But while silicone offers numerous characteristics that can be very convenient, it also can be difficult to handle and very hard to remove completely. MicroCare offers products that remove silicone, especially silicone conformal coatings. MicroCare also can soften it, swell it, and carry it. These can be huge time-saving and money-saving advantages unavailable from any other vendor.

Silicone materials are used as glues and coatings in SMT electronic assembly. MicroCare has many choices for removing these products