Get the Best Cleaning
at the Lowest Cost
for Your PCBs

As the global leader in critical cleaning for electronics, MicroCare has the products you need to improve your SMT production process. MicroCare products remove fluxes, grease, dust, fingerprints, inks, pastes, oils and conformal coatings at the lowest cost-per-clean. MicroCare also is always the first with new chemistries, tools and processes for the toughest applications.

New in 2017 is a medium-strength, fast-drying, nonflammable flux remover for R, RA, RMA and no-clean fluxes and pastes. It’s unique because of it’s great environmental characteristics: zero VOCs, zero ozone impact, and an almost-zero global warming impact. It’s a win-win-win for your boards, your budget and the planet, too.