Freeze sprays from MicroCare are a safe and efficient way to troubleshoot intermittent failures in PCBs and electronic components. Test to -40˚ instantly and consistently. Important feature: All MicroCare freeze sprays are nonflammable, for maximum safety. Also: ozone-safe, non-toxic, plastic-safe and odor free.

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General Purpose Freeze Spray (Circuit Chiller)

Formulated for: Europe Americas (North & South) Asia (Outside of China) Africa P.R.C. (China)

The best-selling freeze spray from MicroCare. Widely used in circuit test and repair, this circuit chiller gets to lower than -45˚F/-43ºC in seconds; may go as low as -60˚F/-51˚C depending upon ambient conditions. Ultra-pure. Safe on plastics. Nonflammable for maximum safety. Ozone-safe to protect the planet.

Low GWP General Purpose Circuit Chiller (Freeze Spray) EU

Formulated for: Europe

The newest nonflammable, ozone-safe freeze spray from MicroCare, formulated, packaged and labeled in the EU. Based on HFO propellants and labeled in 13 languages, this circuit chiller has an ultra-low Global Warming Impact (about 1, instead of 1000+) which makes it very gentle on the planet. Chills to lower than -45˚F/-43ºC in seconds; Ultra-pure. Safe on plastics. No residues. No VOCS. Nonflammable

Anti-Static Freeze Spray & Circuit Chiller

Formulated for: Europe Australia Americas (North & South) Asia (Outside of China) Africa P.R.C. (China)

The favorite freeze spray from MicroCare, it minimizes static build-up on electronic components. Widely used by techs to find intermittent faults in circuit boards. Chills to lower than -45˚F/-43ºC in seconds