Presaturated wipes from MicroCare are your best choice for cleaning SMT stencils, PCBs, tools, plastic parts, metal cabinets and housings, work benches and test equipment. They remove flux residues, solder paste, fingerprints, oils, grime, lint and dust. All MicroCare presat wipes have an unlimited shelf life because our “slam shut” lid keeps the wipes from drying out. A unique feature: money-saving refills

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MultiTask Surface Cleaner – MultiClean

This is a mild, economical surface cleaner packaged in a unique, sturdy, re-useable plastic tub. This cleaner is very effective on most all solder pastes and fluxes, plus fingerprints, uncured epoxy residues, light oils and grease. Mild and skin-safe, MultiClean™ is used on all types of electronics and PCBs, tools, machinery and work benches

Presaturated ESD Wipes

These static-dissipative lint-free ESD wipes which feature a new chemical engineered to clean and protect surfaces and tools used in PCB manufacturing environments. Safe for use on ESD mats, tools, bins, tool racks, soldering gear and other surfaces in any PCB manufacturing facility. Rugged, non-linting wipe cleans quickly, easily and thoroughly.

Alcohol-Enhanced Flux Remover Presaturated Wipes – ProClean

Formulated for: Europe Australia Americas (North & South) Asia (Outside of China) Africa P.R.C. (China)

These presaturated wipes are among the best-selling wipes from MicroCare because they deliver excellent cleaning at a very affordable price. They can be used on all types of stencils, PCB boards, work benches, tools and machinery. Because the wipes contain no water, the cleaning results are is significantly faster and better than ordinary alcohol cleaners.

IPA Presat Stencil Cleaner Wipes — IsoClean

This is an affordably-priced, high-purity IPA presat wipe used for cleaning stencils, solder paste, fluxes, grease, inks, light oils and general industrial grime. Noncorrosive and ESD-safe, the product most often is used as a general-duty stencil cleaner and benchtop cleaner.

Uncured Chip Bonder Cleaner Presaturated Wipes – ExPoxy

Based on a unique blend of aliphatic hydrocarbons, this cleaner delivers great surface cleaning of uncured chip bonder glues, plus leaded- and lead-free pastes, oils, grease, grime, fingerprints and other debris. In fact, this is the most powerful cleaning chemistry available in a presaturated wipe and sufficient cleaning power to replace acetone, tolulene and other old-style solvents

Stencil, Squeegee and Misprint Cleaner – ScreenClean

This powerful hydrocarbon cleaner is ideal for removing inks, thick-film pastes and partially-cured epoxies because it is strong enough to do the job but mild enough to avoid damage to the fragile emulsions used on screens. ScreenClean™ reacts quickly with the contamination, breaking molecular bonds, speeding cleaning and improving quality

Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-CDIW Presaturated Wipe 0.84 kg 8 in x 5 in, 100 Wipes
Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-CDIW Presaturated Wipe 1.85 lbs. 8 in x 5 in, 100 Wipes, Case of 12