Alcohol-Enhanced Flux Remover Presaturated Wipes – ProClean

Formulated for: Europe Australia Americas (North & South) Asia (Outside of China) Africa P.R.C. (China)

These presat wipes are the best-selling wipes from MicroCare because they deliver excellent cleaning at a very affordable price. They can be used on all types of stencils, misprinted PCBs, tools, work benches and machinery. They can remove any type of solder paste including rosin, OA, synthetics, lead-free and “no-cleans” plus grime, fingerprints, dust and other residues. Because the wipes contain no water, the cleaning fluid is significantly stronger and more aggressive than ordinary alcohol cleaners. The product is a combination of three ultra-pure alcohols,  so the liquid evaporates cleanly and rinsing is never required. These presaturated wipes feature the popular “slam-shut” lid, which extends the shelf life even when the package has been opened. (No other company features this clever, customer-oriented and money-saving feature.) There are 100 8″x 5″ (20 x 12 cm) wipes in each tub. The wipe itself is an ultra-pure, high-strength polyester fabric — not paper — that will not leave lint or residues on the stencils.  Uniquely, these wipes have the industry’s only unlimited shelf-life. Made from renewable resources. Biodegradable (liquid only). Flammable

  • Stronger, faster stencil cleaning
  • Very pure, water-free alcohols
  • Faster drying, no rinsing required
  • Excellent on lead-free pastes
  • Non-corrosive & ESD safe
  • No tear, no lint, heavy duty wipe
  • Unique “slam-shut” package for extra long service life
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