General Purpose Dust Remover

Formulated for: Europe Americas (North & South) Asia (Outside of China) Africa P.R.C. (China)

This nonflammable, high-pressure precision general purpose compressed air duster (sometimes called “canned air”) is widely used to remove dry dust and lint from PCBs and keyboards, usually in PCB testing and repairs.

Key Benefits of the MicroCare General Purpose Dust Remover —

  • Dry circuit cleaner that blows dust and grit from keyboards, optics, machinery and circuitry
  • 360° version can be sprayed at any angle or position (including upside down) to simplify cleaning
  • Nonflammable for maximum safety
  • High-pressure
  • High-purity, leaves no residues
  • Completely ozone-safe
  • Different package sizes, for economical cleaning

Each aerosol delivers a powerful blast of a clear, nonflammable, high-pressure gas to blow dust, lint, fibers, powder and grit from keyboards, optics, machinery and circuitry. The surface remains dry during cleaning; no liquid, no solvents. Nonflammable for maximum safety. Uses HFC propellants. Maximum pressure, high-purity, leaves no residues.

Important safety tip: many companies sell flammable gasses to be used as dusters. These may be fine for consumer applications, such as cleaning camera lenses, but are not safe or suitable for industrial applications. Also, just to be perfectly clear, even though many people call these products “canned air” they do not contain air and are not suitable for breathing. The aerosol cans contain an invisible, nonflammable, high-pressure refrigerant gas that expands as it is released from the aerosol container, generating the powerful blast.

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