Heavy Duty Parts Degreaser

This Heavy Duty Parts Degreaser is one of the strongest degreasers from MicroCare. It is a multi-purpose parts degreaser that uses one of the powerful cleaning fluids available from MicroCare. It adds a high-pressure spray so it blasts grime from metal, plastic, ceramic components. This aerosol cleaner requires no rinsing, so you use less, making it more economical.

The Heavy  Duty Parts Degreaser is a great all-round cleaning product. It cleans most oils, grease, inks and grime and is a great. It also works on removing wax and some conformal coatings. With low viscosity and low surface tension, it’s chemically perfect for cleaning today’s precision components, including gears, pulleys, tracks, cable assemblies and a host of similar parts.

Since it is so powerful, you should test on soft plastics to ensure materials compatibility. This aerosol degreaser is nonflammable for safety. Ozone-safe. Medium GWP. Medium VOC content. Low aroma for a better work environment.  It is also available in pail and drum sizes so the fluid is the ideal choice for any size company.

Key Benefits of the Heavy Duty Parts Degreaser include:

  • Instant drying, low odor
  • Excellent cleaning with powerful, high-pressure spray
  • No residues/no rinsing
  • Nonflammable, ESD-safe
  • Test on plastics
  • Special Note: Due to the high pressure propellant in the aerosol package, this product is NOT TriggerGrip™ system compatible
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Part NumberPackageWeightSizeTech SheetSafety Data Sheet
MCC-HDD19AJumbo Aerosol0.54 kg405 mL
MCC-HDDGMinipail5 kg3.8 L
MCC-HDDPPail23 kg19 L
MCC-HDDDDrum227 kg208 L
Part NumberPackageWeightSizeTech SheetSafety Data Sheet
MCC-HDD19AJumbo Aerosol1.18 lbs.19 oz.
MCC-HDDGMinipail10 lbs.1 Gallon
MCC-HDDPPail50 lbs.5 Gallons
MCC-HDDDDrum500 lbs.55 Gallons

Technical Details

Clear, colorless liquid
Slight Etheral
PEL (ppm, 8-hr TWA)
Boiling Point
41°C / 106°F
Chemical Family
HFC Blend
Evaporation Rate
Cleaning Strength (kb)
Active Ingredients
Hydrofluorocarbons and trans
Global Warming Rating (100yr)
Not Available
VOC Organic Content (g/L)
Ozone Impact (O.D.P.)
Vapor Density
Not Available
RoHS and WEEE Compliant
Safety Rating
Specific Gravity
Surface Tension
Not Available
Vapor Pressure @ 20ºC