Heavy Duty Rosin Flux Remover – SuprClean

Formulated for: Australia Americas (North & South) Asia (Outside of China) Africa

This aerosol cleaner is a very heavy duty rosin flux remover engineered and optimized as a super-powerful PCB flux remover. Without any doubt, SuprClean™ is your best choice for rosin fluxes/pastes, including R, RA, RMA, and SA materials.

Key Benefits of the Heavy Duty Rosin Flux Remover — SuprClean
  • Powerful, super-strong option as a R, RA, RMA rosin flux remover
  • Excellent degreaser
  • Also removes acrylic conformal coatings
  • Now available in economical, jumbo-sized aerosol packaging
  • Instant drying, low odor
  • No residue/no rinsing
  • Nonflammable, ESD-safe
  • Test on plastics
  • TriggerGrip™ cleaning system compatible

It is especially effective on rugged, high-temperature solders used on military PCBs or the down-hole electronics for oil fields tools. It’s a versatile cleaner and often is used as a fast-drying, nonflammable, heavy-duty degreaser. It easily removes acrylic conformal coatings. With low viscosity and low surface tension, it’s chemically perfect for reworking today’s tight-fitting components, including even BGA chips, dissolving those flux residues and flushing them away. It dries instantly, leaves no residues and has almost no aroma. Test on soft plastics. Ozone-safe. Nonflammable. Medium GWP. Medium VOC content. Low aroma. TriggerGrip compatible. StatZAP compatible.


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