No Clean Flux Remover Cleaning Pen

Formulated for: Australia Americas (North & South) Asia (Outside of China) Africa

This product is the industry’s best no clean flux remover which is why it has been a best-seller at MicroCare for a decade or more. A versatile solvent, it removes organic residues, ionics, inorganics, silicone-based conformal coatings, adhesives, grease, some inks and most oils. It is ideal for spot-cleaning on PCBs, especially thru-hole and SMT designs. It dries briskly, has very little aroma, leaves no residues, is non-corrosive and ESD-safe. Safe on all common components and materials. It’s also very safe for people because it’s based on ingredients used in cosmetics. The fluid is VOC exempt. Ozone-safe. Very low global warming factor (GWP). Flammable.

Key benefits include:

  • Best on no-clean fluxes and pastes
  • Very good on light oils, grease and many adhesives
  • Dissolves silicone oils, coatings and adhesives quickly and safely
  • No residues / no rinsing
  • Plastic-safe, people-safe, planet-safe, budget-safe
  • A best-seller for more than a decade
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