Alcohol Enhanced Flux Remover – ProClean — China

Formulated for: P.R.C. (China)

Cleaning is fast and easy with this best-selling RMA flux remover which has been formulated and packaged specifically for the China marketplace. This is a mild, plastic-safe, low-cost blend of three alcohols that out-cleans ordinary IPA alcohol.

Key Features and Benefits of the RMA Flux Remover Are—

  • Suprisingly powerful, low-cost RMA flux remover for rosin, water-based and no-clean fluxes
  • Use on solder pastes, rosin fluxes, OA fluxes, and even fresh chip bonder
  • Features a new, low GWP propellant that protects the planet
  • Familiar aroma and handling; plastic-safe, ESD safe
  • Slower drying saves money by increasing the available cleaning time
  • High purity alcohol delivers increased cleaning strength compared to isopropyl alcohol
  • Triple blend of three alcohols also increases the cleaning strength (See SDS for details)
  • Also available in presaturated wipes
  • The aerosol package is TriggerGrip™ cleaning system compatible
  • Extremely economical

Use it on rosin fluxes, water-based OA fluxes, synthetic fluxes and most “no-cleans.” Totally plastic-safe, it is economical because it is slow-drying, which gives operators enough time to clean flux residues without wasting a lot of fluid. ProClean™ contains virtually no water, which other companies use to dilute the solvent which reduces the cost but degrades the cleaning performance. Non-corrosive and ESD-safe, ProClean™ is highly suitable for all types of electronics, including through-hole and SMT boards, insulators, cables and connectors. Often used in repair shops, ProClean™ offers familiar handling, low cost, broad materials compatibility and versatile cleaning. It also is mil-spec approved for many military products and electronics, including MIL-STD-2000.  It is 100% volatile, so no rinsing is ever required. Made from renewable resources. Flammable. Biodegradable. Completely ozone-safe. 100% VOC. TriggerGrip™ compatible. StatZAP™ compatible.

This product is packaged and labeled in accordance with the worker safety rules of China.

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