Streak-Free Glass Cleaner

This is a powerful foaming cleaner for general industrial cleaning. It’s engineered for use on workbenches, mats, tools, equipment, plastic dials, gauges, oscilloscopes, even automotive & aircraft windshields. Relatively slow-drying, this product features a light foaming action for easy cleaning without runs and drips, even when cleaning vertical surfaces. This high-purity spray dries residue-free. Clean, fresh fragrance. Ammonia-free.

  • Cleans glass fast without streaking
  • Use on plastic dials, gauges & oscilloscopes
  • Safe on automotive & aircraft windshields
  • High purity, dries residue-free
  • Clean, fresh fragrance
  • Light-foaming for enhanced cleaning

Special note: Not available outside of North America. Not for use with the TriggerGrip™ cleaning tool. Aerosol packaging only.

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