Can I Get Stencil Wiping Rolls in Custom Sizes?

Stencil rolls from MicroCare come in over 200 data-lazy-sizes and configurations

Stencil rolls from MicroCare come in over 200 sizes and configurations

While most companies shy away from doing custom work, MicroCare finds it easy. We offer 200+ configurations of custom rolls, and we’re adding more all the time.

Custom rolls are useful because they eliminate wasted paper, they minimize solid waste going to landfills, and if they are properly implemented can improve the quality of the wiping process. All of this is good!

You should be aware, however, that custom rolls tend to be more expensive than standard rolls, even if there is less paper on the roll. It’s a manufacturing thing. Sorry.

For details on the custom roll options, call or email MicroCare tech support. We’ll see if we can find a current roll that meets your needs, and if not we’ll see if we can cost-effectively get you a custom roll.