Why Does MicroCare Have So Many Different Benchtop Cleaning Choices?

The MicroCare family of cleaners the the electronics industry’s widest array of the most versatile cleaning choices. Whatever your application, MicroCare has an answer for the benchtop

That’s a simple question with a complex answer. The fact is that customers want lots of choices and a wide array of options. PCBs are changing, too — the way we made electronics in the 1970s has nothing in common with the advanced microelectronics being sold today; it makes sense that cleaning would evolve as well. In addition, local rules are always changing — like the new F-gas rules in Europe and the demand for VOC-free cleaning in California. Lastly, the chemistries themselves are constantly evolving and improving: consider our new offers, the  VOC-Free Flux Remover – UltraClean™ and the Universal Flux Remover, both of which offer chemistries simply not available 3-4 years ago.

So, while cleaning experts at MicroCare are absolutely convinced that we could meet 90% of our customers’ requirements with just three or four choices, we’re here to provide what people really want, and they really want the most variety and versatilty they can get.

The favorite choices right now are:

Of course, you can’t blame engineers who want to optimize their processes. We’ve seen engineers spend a lot of time evaluating very small differences between solvents. That’s why we have so many choices. In fact, part of our service at MicroCare is to develop the new solvents and cleaners for tomorrow’s applications. It’s a burden we are pleased to shoulder.