Cleaner PCBs
At the Lowest Possible Cost

MicroCare is the industry leader in fast, efficient, safe and cost-effective cleaning of PCBs during rework and repair on the SMT assembly line. MicroCare should be your first choice in electronics cleaning.


nPB Replacement Deadline Looms in Ontario

The government of Ontario, Canada has become concerned about the long-term toxicity of n-propyl bromide (nPB) and about twenty other substances.

Featured MicroCare Electronics Cleaning Applications

Modern electronics are omnipresent in our world, making life better for nearly every person on the planet. But PCBs need to be properly cleaned to perform as expected. MicroCare has both the products and the know-how to get your boards perfectly clean, maximizing their potential and minimizing costs.

Circuit Boards and Electronic Assemblies


Today's electronic components run hotter, are smaller and more complex than ever before.

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RMA / Rosin-based Fluxes
on PCBs


Rosin-based fluxes and solder pastes are a sub-set of general electronics cleaning.

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No-Clean Fluxes
on PCBs


Most no-clean fluxes are more difficult to clean than rosin-based fluxes and pastes.

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Featured MicroCare Electronics Cleaners

TriggerGrip Dispenser

  • The Best Tool for Cleaning PCBs
  • Cuts Cleaning Costs Up to 66%
  • Cleans Better and Faster
  • Improves Worker Safety
  • Enhances ESD Programs

No-Clean Flux Remover

  • Your Best Choice to Remove No-Clean Fluxes and Pastes
  • Removes Silicones Quickly and Safely
  • No Residues / No Rinsing
  • TriggerGrip™ Compatible

Pre-Saturated Economy Wipes

  • Great Stencil and Surface Cleaner
  • Removes Solder Paste, Salts, Oils and Grime
  • Economical Refills Protect the Environment
  • Self-Closing Lid Gives Extra-Long Shelf Life

High-Purity Lint-Free Wipes

  • A Complete Family of Many Wipes
  • High Strength, Non-Linting and Non-Shredding
  • Extremely Economical
  • Clean Room Options Available
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