Cleaner PCBs
At the Lowest Possible Cost

MicroCare is the industry leader in fast, efficient, safe and cost-effective cleaning of PCBs during rework and repair on the SMT assembly line. MicroCare should be your first choice in electronics cleaning.


Featured MicroCare Electronics Cleaning Applications

Modern electronics are omnipresent in our world, making life better for nearly every person on the planet. But PCBs need to be properly cleaned to perform as expected. MicroCare has both the products and the know-how to get your boards perfectly clean, maximizing their potential and minimizing costs.

Circuit Boards and Electronic Assemblies


Today's electronic components run hotter, are smaller and more complex than ever before.

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RMA / Rosin-based Fluxes
on PCBs


Rosin-based fluxes and solder pastes are a sub-set of general electronics cleaning.

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No-Clean Fluxes
on PCBs


Most no-clean fluxes are more difficult to clean than rosin-based fluxes and pastes.

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Get Fast, Consistent Results

TriggerGrip™ Cleaning System

New MicroCare Electronics Cleaners

SuprClean Flux Remover - Jumbo Size

  • 15-20% savings per ounce
  • Best for baked-on fluxes and pastes
  • Nonflammable for added safety

No-Clean Flux Remover Pen

  • Compact, portable package can be used anywhere
  • Targets the exact spot for pinpoint cleaning
  • Best on no-clean fluxes silicone oils and coatings

Heavy-Duty Degreaser

  • Cuts through oils, wax and grease
  • Instant drying, low odor
  • Nonflammable and ESD safe

ESD Presaturated Wipes

  • Helps dissipate electrostatic discharge
  • Ideal for ESD mats, bins and benches
  • Cleans flux, adhesive and oils

Discover the MicroCare Critical Cleaning Lab