Stencil Cleaning in SMT Assembly

Stencil cleaning in SMT assembly is a high-risk, high-reward process, demanding the most from the solvents, wipes and tools. Proper stencil cleaning results in perfect PCBs. Incorrect or inadequate stencil cleaning produces expensive junk which demands time-consuming rework and repairs. To achieve the highest performance from stencil cleaners, especially on densely packed BGA designs, engineers need the best cleaners to produce the highest yields. Given these challenges, the criteria for selecting the proper cleaning process usually are: performance, global availability, worker safety, and long-term material compatibility.

MicroCare offers excellent high yield stencil cleaners. The company has a broad line of stencil wiping rolls and lint free wipes. MicroCare also offers presaturated alcohol wipes which deliver highly consistent, speedy cleaning, and they are the only products in the industry with an unlimited shelf life. Lastly, MicroCare offers two water based SMT maintenance products in pump spray packages.

When using solvents for cleaning SMT stencils and other production equipment, most experts recommend the use of gloves