Cleaning Circuit Boards and Electronic Assemblies

Cleaning circuit boards and electronic assemblies is a difficult challenge. Today’s PCBs run hotter, are smaller and more complex than ever before. This creates situations where dendritic growth or corrosion can proliferate if the cleaning is not perfect. With the pervasive deployment of BGAs and microBGAs, MCM devices and even denser semiconductor packages, clearances are so tight that aqueous systems simply cannot clean these components without higher spray pressures, extra cleaning agents and longer, more vigorous drying cycles, all of which add costs.

MicroCare offers a large family of specialty fluids which clean PCBs into the micron and sub-micron range. They target the removal of ionics, organics and particulate produced when debonding FR-4 boards. These fluids get under tight-fitting components and remove fluxes before they can cause corrosion. These solvents also can target fingerprint oils, uncured solder paste, some conformal coatings, marking inks and other contaminates.

BGA components enable amazing processing power but can be devilishly hard to clean