General Purpose Degreaser – Axarel®

This degreaser is a tried-and-true, slow-drying, flammable, medium-strength fluid engineered for manual cleaning. Removes organics like oil, grease, fingerprints and grime. Mild aroma. No residues. Non-corrosive. Static-safe. 100% VOC. Low GWP. No longer available in aerosol

  • Degreases metal, plastic and ceramic parts
  • Can be used as a defluxer for cleaning electronics during rework and repair
  • Hydrocarbon-based. Cleans grease, oils, rosin-based and no-clean fluxes
  • No residues, no rinsing required
  • Slower drying for maximum tack time
  • Non-corrosive and static-safe
  • Ozone-safe. 100% VOC. Low global warming impact
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