Polar Flux Remover

Polar Flux Remover is a very good cleaner for removing heavy or age-hardened fluxes. It is a strong defluxer that works particularly well on R, RA and RMA fluxes. It removes polar and ionic activators that other cleaners can’t. It also is an excellent silicone remover.

It rapidly penetrates and dissolves white residue and dries residue-free. Plus, it has a slow drying time which allows technicians to work bigger surface areas with less fluid.

Use the Polar Flux Remover to clean a variety of components. For example, printed circuit boards, FR-4, components, connectors, cables, and mechanical assemblies. In addition, it also removes all types of pastes, inks, finger prints, oxides, oils and grease.

It is ideally suited for rework, repair and post-flow assembly operations. However, it is strong and should be tested first if using on soft plastic components.

The aerosol can is both TriggerGrip™ Cleaning Tool compatible and StatZAP™ ESD Eliminator Tool compatible. It also comes in a time-saving, pocket-sized cleaning pen.

Key features of Polar Flux Remover:
  • Good for removing age-hardened fluxes
  • No residue / no rinsing
  • Strong cleaning strength – test on plastics
  • Kb Value: 72 (est.)
  • Slower drying time
  • Acetone odor
  • Chemical Family: Organic Solvents
  • Flammable (more economical than nonflammable versions)
  • VOC Content – aerosol: 184 g/L
  • VOC Content – bulk: 222 g/L
  • RoHS/WEEE/ REACH/EPA SNAP compliant
Unique Packaging – A super-convenient, pocket-sized cleaning pen is a real time saver.

Where to Buy
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Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-PFR10A Aerosol 0.3 kg 310 mL
MCC-RMAPEN Cleaning Pen 0.1 kg 10 mL
Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-PFR10A Aerosol 0.66 LB 10.5 OZ
MCC-RMAPEN Cleaning Pen 1 oz.

Technical Details

Clear, colorless
PEL (ppm, 8-hr TWA)
Boiling Point
55ºC / 131ºF
Chemical Family
Organic Solvents
F-Gas Compliant
Evaporation Rate
Cleaning Strength (kb)
Active Ingredients
Acetone, alcohols
Not Available
Global Warming Rating (100yr)
Not Available
VOC Organic Content (g/L)
REACH & ELINCS Compliant
RoHS and WEEE Compliant
Safety Rating
Specific Gravity
0.75 g/mL