Polar Flux Remover

Formulated for: Australia Americas (North & South) Asia (Outside of China) Africa

Strong and economical, the Polar Flux Remover cleans heavy, aged fluxes and burned-on residues on PCBs that no other cleaner can touch.

Key Benefits of the MicroCare Polar Flux Remover —

  • Cleans heavy, aged fluxes and solder pastes
  • Removes polar & ionic activators
  • Fast, extra-strength cleaning
  • Cleans & minimizes white residues
  • High purity, dries residue-free
  • Excellent silicone remover
  • The aerosol is TriggerGrip™ cleaning system compatible
  • Available in Cleaning Pen package as well as benchtop aerosol (photo, below)

Polar Flux Remover is an economical defluxer that works particularly well on R, RA, RMA, SA and some no-clean fluxes for both tin/lead solders and high temperature lead-free solders. It removes polar and ionic activators with fast, extra-strength cleaning. It also is an excellent silicone remover. This cleaner quickly penetrates and dissolves white residues and dries residue-free. It also removes all types of pastes, inks, finger prints, oxides, oils and grease. Use Polar Flux Remover on printed circuit boards, FR-4, components, connectors, cables, and mechanical assemblies. Test before use on softer plastics. Flammable. Acetone-like aroma. Available in aerosol package and in the money-saving, time-saving pocket-sized cleaning pen for R, RA, RMA, and SA fluxes and solder pastes.

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