TidyPen™ Glue Remover — The 60-Second Sticky Stuff Remover

Formulated for: Australia Americas (North & South) Asia (Outside of China) Africa

Each TidyPen glue remover pen is a convenient cleaning tool for PCBs— a great way to save time and moneyThe pocket-sized TidyPen™ glue remover is a huge time-saver. Each TidyPen™ will dissolve and lift away labels, glues and adhesives that nothing else will touch. Each one saves time and hassles by dispensing a precise quantity of a powerful, natural cleaner that penetrates quickly, dissolving and removing adhesives and glues all kinds. Zip away adhesives, tape residues, pressure sensitive marking tags, paper labels, stickers, EPROM labels, Kapton® tape residues, bar code labels and price tags; a TidyPen™ even will remove chewing gum from the floor and tar from the side of your car. They also remove corrosion from the gold fingers of PCBs. Each TidyPen™ is made from aluminum, so they are ESD-safe, unbreakable, spill-proof and easily recycled. Each TidyPen™ is planet-friendly: the natural, citrus-based cleaning fluid is ozone-safe, static-safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.  Nothing handles sticky problems faster, more easily or less expensively than the amazing TidyPen™.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Slow-drying, for maximum cleaning
  • Great on almost any sticky residue
  • Natural, biodegradable citrus solvent
  • Ozone-safe
  • Strong Cleaning — Test on soft plastics
  • Aluminum, for enhanced ESD control
  • Recyclable

NOTE: Not available for sale in California.

Where to Buy
Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-P01 10 mL Pen 10 mL Pen 1 Pen/Box, 100 Pens per case
MCC-PEN 10 mL Pen 10 mL Pen 5 Pens/Box, 100 Pens per case
MCC-P4OC Chisel-Point Nibs Bag of 25
MCC-P40P Pen Point Nibs Bag of 25
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