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Why Does MicroCare Have So Many Different Cleaning Choices?

That’s a simple question with a complex answer. The fact is that customers want the most choices and the widest array of options. In addition, the rules are always changing — like the new demand for VOC-free cleaning in many areas. Lastly, the chemistries themselves are constantly evolving and improving: conisder our newest product offering, Read More

Which Solvent Is the Strongest?

As odd as it seems, “strongest” is a relative term. Cleaning strength depends less upon the solvent and more upon the contamination being removed. For example, when it comes to removing water-soluble fluxes and pastes, nothing is as strong as the MultiTask Surface Cleaner – MultiClean™, but this is generally considered one of Micro Care’s Read More

Which Solvent Is the Best Stencil Cleaner?

When it comes to stencil cleaning, the single best answer is “it depends”. It depends on the solder paste you are using, the age of that paste, the design of the stencil and how it was made, and whether you are applying it manually or in an automated system, and how often you need to Read More

Which MicroCare Solvents Contain VOCs?

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are the primary sources of low-altitude smog. “Organic” means the chemical contains carbon atomas and that usually means it comes from something that used to be alive; “Volatile” means it evaporates quickly; “Compound” means it’s a complex molecule containing many ingredients and not just a simple element. VOCs contribute to smog Read More

Which MicroCare Products Meet Mil-spec Cleaning Requirements?

Even though military budgets are much smaller than they were, military customers know they must clean their electronics if they are going to get quality results. Many MicroCare solvents and cleaners have been and continue to be used for the cleaning of military devices, avionics systems, air frames, ground-based weapon systems and ground support equipment. Read More

Which Cleaners Can be Used in California?

California has some of the most restrictive air quality regulations in the world, and they not only are different from the rest of the U.S., they vary from city to city within California. It’s a challenge keeping up with it all. We use several sources of regulatory information. One is the California Air Resources Board Read More

Which Cleaner Works Best on Light Grease, Oils and other Lubricants?

Until recently, there would have been only one recommendation and it would have stood out so far above all others you couldn’t even read the names of the second choice. The leader: The Uncured Epoxy Remover (#MCC-EPX). This cleaner is as good as than the old ozone-depleting 1,1,1-TCA, it dries reasonably quickly, is very acceptable Read More

Which Cleaner Is Best on Ceramics and Hybrid Circuits?

For the general precision defluxing of hybrids, nothing can beat the Lead-Free Flux Remover – PowerClean™ (#MCC-PW2). This is a powerful cleaner, functionally equivalent to the old Freon® TMC or Genesolv® 2004. PowerClean™ dries fast, offers powerful cleaning on most fluxes, it’s nonflammable, it has a very low aroma, and is easy to use and Read More